Instagram, Engels… ik zat niet stil!

Mamina Art Instagram

Yes, you might have even seen it already – you can now follow me on Instagram!

Super cool yo. I’ll try my best to post updates that will not always be shared through Facebook or this site… especially for you 😉

Mamina Art English

And as I have been venturing into new ways to show my art, English has become an (even more) important language for me to publish and share my work. So as you might have seen, my website is available in English since yesterday – for everyone who’s interested and doesn’t speak Dutch.

Hoopdance workshops will be announced in both Dutch and German, not in English (due to the Dutch-German border where I’m situated I teach in those languages). If you have any questions you can ask them in Dutch / English / German / Spanish / French, however it’s a little bit too much to translate my site into all these languages to suit each and everyone of you.

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