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Mamina Art is a mangle of my name: Marlynn Amina.


I was born in 1993 and raised in a small town near Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Kleve, Germany. Always pushed by my fascination for nature, my love for animals, my intense dreams and some serious wanderlust –  I’ve never lacked any inspiration for my paintings.

Our attic is the silent witness of almost 25 years of solid, playful practice. Everything I could lay my hands on or get loose has since served as a potential base for a new project. Watercolour(pencils) have kept me company for years and I’ve filled up (travel)journal after (travel)journal ever since I was six years old. It is therefore no surprise that I’ve developed a deep love for watercolours in the past few years, both on paper and skin. Next to that I enjoy graphite and fineliners, as they are easy to tag along. However, I still do the occassional oil-, acrylics- and pastels painting when I find the time (and the space!). I like to experiment with different backgrounds and materials in my work, which can lead to surprising effects that I thoroughly enjoy – so be sure to take a look around.

Since a couple of years I’ve added a new way to express myself to my life; as my father likes to put it, I’m a real Hulamina. I teach hoopdance workshops and can provide shows and children’s parties. Check out the workshopdates here or on my Facebook.