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Two of my works have been exhibited during the international Art&Cavallo exposition in Verona, Italy:  What do you wanna bee? en Migration – when the geese fly by.

As a mixed media artist and performance artist I like to portray the world in a whimsical, surreal and yet serious way. To do so I use everything I can lay my hands on; different paints, pencils, paper, pieces of wood, thread and anything else. I do however specialise in watercolours.

If you’d like to venture into my world, I invite you to check out my inspirations: horses, dogs, cats, people, other animals and anything else. Look at the world with rose-coloured glasses and a child’s eye, dream away and wonder about everything that could be possible. Curious how your idea would look like in ‘real life’? Please get in contact with me to discuss the possibilities for commissions and other ideas.

A lot of my art surrounds around the idea of humans not being superior, but part of nature. One could say it’s activism; by connecting two or more worlds that aren’t normally together, I try to show the world to you in a different way. I hope to inspire viewers to make changes in their lifestyle, because the loss of biodiversity and climate change is a problem for all of us. This is were some of my more recent works were inspired by.

I don’t just express myself through my art, but also through dancing, especially with hula hoops. Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been teaching workshops to both grown ups and children. Check out my upcoming workshops over here. Have you been dancing with me or have you seen me dancing and would you like your own hoop? Make sure to contact me.

Are you already curious to see some more recent work or would you like to see some hoopdance? I use my Facebook and Instagram to share work in progress and paintings that are hot off the press. Would you like to see some work right now? Check out the gallery! If you’re curious to see how some of my works have arisen you can visit my Youtube channel where I share work in stopmotion and sped-up videos of my work and hoopdance adventures.

I’m also a patron member of the international Paard Verzameld Equine Art collective.